By trevsastar

Day 082/19. Bearded Reedling, or Bearded Tit

Sometimes referred to as the Bearded Tit, the Bearded Reedling is a small bird with a long tail that is mainly found in large reedbeds where it feeds on insects and reed seeds. It builds its nest low down among the reeds, often on piles of dead reed stems. Bearded Reedlings can be heard calling with a nasal 'ting' or 'ping' sound as they fly about the reeds.
The Bearded Reedling is cinnamon-brown with a long, brown tail. It has a grey head with a black 'moustache' and a yellow bill and eyes. Females are less colourful than males, and do not have the moustache.
The extra picture today is a female Bearded Reedling.

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