Tired Pug

And tired Emmy!

-Up at 6.
- Dog walk.
- 1½ hour drive up North.
- Training round with Gollum at a dog dancing show.
- Drive 15 km to my sister's.
- An afternoon with my sister, nephews and dogs with Birthday cake, a lovely lunch and later a wonderful dinner.
- 1½ hours drive home. 
- Arrived home 13 hours after leaving.

Gollum and Biscuit have had a good day with lots of fun.
Hero has had a good day too, but a little less action. He seems to be doing really well though. I forgot to give him his pain medicine yesterday as he showed no sign of pain. He didn't seem to need it.

I feel a lot better today though, because I can see that he is feeling ok. 

My picture today is of Amy, who was tired after a busy day.

See you tomorrow Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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