Red Flash

By RedFlash

It’s coming along

It was an early start to the day as I had a hair cut at 8:30.

It was HtP’s mum’s birthday on Wednesday but today was her surprise party. HtP and his sister had planned it all. A friend of mine had made the cake, see the extra and we picked it up on the way home.

All the guests had arrived before her and she had quite a surprise as she came round the corner.

She thoroughly enjoyed the party.

Before we went to the party we did some more work on the conservatory. There is a cupboard in the corner. It used to be behind some hideous doys. I had them removed early on in the conservatory revamp. Today we’ll put up some curtains and a rail. Much cheaper than cupboard doys and the curtains blend perfectly with the painted walls.

The image is once again the stained glass candle holder that my sister Angelique made. It now has a solar light in it and we get this wonderful light display every evening.

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