By sebrose

The road

Aslak, Patty & family come for breakfast. American style pancakes, maple syrup, fried food, beans. Megan heads off to find fellow marchers who came down on the overnight bus. The rest of us wander to Marble Arch for midday.

The crowd is big and growing. We hop the fence into the park and shuffle towards the exit. The masses are hardly moving. The small children are not complaining, but nor are they happy. Around two, family Hellesøy head for the exit.

Pace picks up. Angus and I walk with a “samba” band. There are chants of “no brexit” and Mexican cheers every time a helicopter passes overhead.

It’s well after 4 by the time we reach Westminster. All the speeches in Parliament Square have finished. The mass of humanity disperses into the fabric of London.

We head for the Star & Garter on Poland Street, which is quieter than usual. They’re looking for staff. A bartender (from Italy), one half of Rival Karma says that English is the main qualification. Perhaps Angus will serve beer over the summer.

Megan returns from her posse and we head to the Indian YMCA for tea. There’s an event celebrating its centenary, so we hear various musical entertainments as we eat our tepid curry. And then home, a video, and sleep.

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