Keith B

By keibr

Last Day in Cervinia

Since I last blipped we've had 4 wonderful days of sun, blue skies, cold snow, no wind  - skiing heaven!  I'll backblip as soon as I have time, but for now...
A final picture of the Matterhorn (Cervino to the Italians) and the larches that seem to be the only tree to do OK up here. As you see the weather continues to be fantastic!
The transfer to the airport left Cervinia at 3 o'clock so we could have bought a half-day's lift card and skiied some more. However, to be honest, we'd skied enough (I never thought I'd say that!) and were happy to spend the day taking it easy in the sun, around the village.
We did a bit of shopping for home, had a pint of English beer (an extra treat for a Swede/Brit) and took a wander up the main street, which finally petered out here.
I slept most of the bus transfer, was impressed with Turin airport and it's efficiency, and slept a good bit of the flight too. Finally staggered into the airport hotel soon after midnight and crashed onto a very welcome bed.  Tomorrow, Janet arrives from Britain and we drive north.  It will be very nice to be home.

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