A fine relaxing start to the day, reading the nonsense. And I think Scotland’s assistant coach has shaded Brexit here… 
"People say it’s the easiest thing in the world to defend – we proved it’s not, because you have to defend as a group and that comes right from the front. We didn’t do that well enough.” There you have it. Scotland have provided proof that defending isn’t so easy by being absolutely diabolical at it. What a great service they’ve done. 
Anyway, up with the Cigs character and his lads to see two teams who actually were so good at defending that neither scored. Despite the nil-nil scoreline, it was an entertaining game. With a large crowd too - over a thousand, which had the beneficial effect of forcing them to open their tiny bit of grass terracing, a Spion Kop no less, behind the goal. Of course they ran out of pies too, which I wasn’t too unhappy about as I’m trying to be good.
And later, a BBC special on David Bowie: Finding Fame and an utterly captivating penultimate episode of Tin Star. 
So, tomorrow, San Marino, eh? I wonder how good their defending is. Perhaps we’ll never know, of course.

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