By tondrijfhamer

High wind velocity!!

I took my drone up this afternoon. Despite some fierce winds I gave it a try and it worked out quite nicely.
The first location I went to was windmill De Dellen near Nieuw Scheemda (photo). I knew it would be windy, but when I opened the car door I noticed the wind was really blowing over the open field.
I thought I'd let the drone decide whether it could fly or not.
It gave no warnings at all, until it was in the middle of a so called 'quick shot, boomerang-video-loop', when suddenly: HIGH WIND VELOCITY, LAND ASAP appeared on my controller.
I brought it home and watched the video I made. In the middle of the video you can see the drone make a unplanned move towards the windmill. It looks as if the wind suddenly sucked the drone towards the mill blades, but it managed to pull itself out of it.
It ruined the video, but I didn't dare to try it again. I'm glad it landed safely at my feet.

I then went to lake Schildmeer for another short flight over a nice little bridge.

Flying a drone is great, but nerve wracking as well.

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