Hungry Hill Waterfall

We left Kenmare and took the very wild and scenic route up over the Healy Pass in the heart of Beara peninsula. The showers were torrential and it seemed that the weather was closing in for the afternoon, we decided to carry on to the waterfall, that cascades from a lake on Hungry Hill, the one I can see every day from the land at home. Our luck was in and the showers which seemed to be all around missed us and we were able to climb to one of the two lakes about half way up this rugged mountain. The wintery light was beautiful on the lake, the distant mountains, Bantry Bay and across to Sheeps Head and highlighted colours and textures of the turf cuttings. It was tempting to carry on to the very top but the climb got very steep and we needed to allow enough daylight for our descent.
My blip is at the base of the waterfall, it's the highest in Ireland, I love the grey, shiny water washed rocks, the lone Hawthorn and sheep, hopefully give a sense of scale.

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