By Cr055ie

Camera Repairs

My camera has been returned to me by the insurance company.  Three months without my stress busting little friend was way way too long.  Then it came back bit by bit on different days.  Camera body on a Thursday as picture, then the lens on a Saturday just wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box.  All well and good but what about lens caps of some sort to protect the optics?  That would have been a good idea and maybe one they might take onboard for someone else!!!!   No filter, does that really matter they asked!  Oh yes it does, it had a, albeit  broken when I sent it to them, polaroid UV filter on it and having paid £350 excess for the bad service you bet it matters.

A conversation with the insurance company ensued.  My camera has apparently has been on holiday to Japan - hence the time scales.  Goodness alone knows how much is has cost to repair it all.  My last 300mm lens was going to cost £200 more to repair than it cost new so with my lens and camera having both had extensive work on them and the camera body now boasting a new back - which is odd as | dropped it face down - I wonder if it might have been cheaper to replace it all with new.  It certainly would have been quicker!!!!

Until my complaint none of the repairs were even guaranteed!!!!!  After a
"nice" conversation about all the issues, an £88 new filter and a £75 compensation payment you can rest assured they are now!!!!

I feel so much better for getting that off my chest!!!!!!

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