A bit of a scrape!

On the way back from Biggleswade this morning I decided to ignore the satnav, which was trying to take me M1 North via M42, Birmingham, M5. It might be quicker by 5 minutes but it's long and boring.
I got to the M1 and went straight over to Bedford, refuelled at TESCO and continued on to Buckingham.
Going around the ring road the lanes split into 3, the left one going off to another superstore. The chap behind me, in a rather large Mitsibushi Hybrid thing, decided he was in the wrong lane and, instead of dropping back behind me decided to take my space by driving into me crossing lanes.
I, seeing what was transpiring, slowed and then braked to give him room but he still caught my left hand mirror casing. I didn't realise there was any damage at the time so told him he was a silly boy as I passed on his right, in the far right lane at the roundabout, and carried on.

When I got home I realised there was some damage and, due to his total lack of care for anyone else on the road, I decided to report the incident to the Thames Vally Police.
Checked up on registration DS15AUM on the DVLA database and found he has not renewed his road tax since September 2018 and MOT is recorded as not registered, very likely he has no insurance either. I expect that will be the first check that the police will do on both of our vehicles so he's in trouble whatever happens, and I have not one iota of sympathy for him, he should be banned as far as I'm concerned.
Luckily I have video of the whole incident which I have passed on to the police also, not publishing the link here as I can be heard telling him what a silly billy he is!

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