Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward

Change of plan . . .

but no choice of lenses.

       I had a good morning despite being woken a couple of times in the night due to fussy cats and to see what the noisy dogs needed.

       I walked the dogs earlier than usual and then had a notion to drive in to the forest for a change of scenery. The only road open for access to the Williams Valley winter recreation area is in Alpine twenty five miles to the south. I was travelling behind a couple of cars being driven at ten to fifteen below the posted speed limit. I was in no hurry so tagged along and then another vehicle that I thought I recognized caught up with our little convoy. I started to turn onto the forest road when I got to Alpine and sure enough the car following was who I thought it was. They carried on into Alpine where we stopped and chatted and I followed Bob and Kay through Alpine to Luna Lake where Arizona Game and Fish volunteers are monitoring nesting bald eagles.

       I regretted not bringing a long lens (when will I learn?) when watching beavers sunning themselves (their lodge on the other side of the lake is flooded out) and several great blue herons. I cropped this image as much as I dare. You can just make out the beavers (there were three). They are the brown blobs . . .

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