a Scots life

By Annakucat


A very big birthday & a treat I had long promised myself, a day at Stonehenge. I did enjoy it, despite it being so famous it wasn’t an anticlimax. It was busy despite the time of year, but not so busy as the next morning I’m sure, going by the numbers of vans containing people who want to celebrate the Solstice at dawn on the 21st. The staff were having to keep out two vans decorated with magic mushrooms who seemed to think they could just drive in with the shuttle buses...
Like yesterday, this was a place I’ve heard about since childhood (I was never told about Callanish or the wonders of Orkney)
and again it was worth waiting for. Now I need to go to Callanish ....
A lovely birthday meal in Amesbury at La Lupa, Italian of course!

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