Marking Time

By Libra


This feral cat spends lot of time on our balcony.  She appears to be sleep then suddenly hears something in the tropical garden and switches to hunting mode.
The fur around her tail is ringed, a sign that she is more wildcat, along with the black stripe going down her back.  She appears to be tame until you try to touch her then she she’s out with ferocious claws.
It’s been a leisurely day on the beach.  I used to enjoy checking out what reading matter folk brought with them on holiday.
(Usually thrillers). This is no longer possible because most use Kindles.
M went snorkelling this morning, he goes most days, though he was somewhat disconcerted to find, apart from German man of about 50, he was by far the oldest among he party. All were in their 20s. 

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