By JaredPlanz

Carrots in High Tunnel.

Hope everyone is getting a great start to the week! Here is a picture of some carrots from the high tunnel. I have a love hate relationship with carrots.

As a cook carrots are one of the staple vegetables that I use. I mean there is a reason that in French cooking it is part of the holy trinity!

As a vegetable grower carrots can be such a pain. They have a longer germination time that allows weeds to get a head start. You can delay the weeds a bit by flame weeding but if you don't get the timing just right... Poof! Even if you get the jump on the weeds eventually hand weeding and thinning is next. I don't hate weeding that much, but the main crop of carrots is in the thousands of row feet. No way to get in there and weed quickly!

But alas I will admit once the carrots come in and people are very happy to get them in their share... I do feel like it's worth it! Sorry for the Monday morning carrot rant. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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