Fresh Eggs

These came from Kathy's chickens one of which can often be seen wandering about outside the door of her Pilates studio. She calls her the 'renegade chicken'. When we were offered some eggs how could we refuse?   I opened the carton today and loved seeing the blue eggs nestled next to the brown ones. There is nothing better than the deep orange yolks of free range chicken eggs,  so I decided to make an omelette. Nature's perfect food....

Why is it that when the rain is pouring down outside, the washing machine decides to leak inside? Not wishing to repeat the two month long saga of getting the dryer repaired, we called a different repair place who thought it needed a new pump. I had my old Maytag washing machine in Berkeley for at least 30 years and don't remember ever replacing the pump. 

When they started putting software in appliances their quality and life expectancy dropped to about seven years. Now we live in a throwaway culture and the oceans are filling with gyres of trash ranging from nano particles to plastic toys and disposable diapers. On land, a garbage crisis is developing because China is no longer willing to take ours, and we have no place to put it. 

The problem with technology is that it moves faster than our ability to predict its long term repercussions. We have discovered how to sequence a genome but the thought of what might be done with that information is scary.

I'm still processing the tidbits of information we have gotten from of the newly released Mueller report. I'm not really surprised that the president will not be given a  jumpsuit to match his hair and thrown in a cell,  but I didn't think Mueller would just punt on the question of obstruction. 

Technology certainly didn't help there either....

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