Agapanthus at Sunrise

Our second day in Westport began at Gibson Beach, near Cape Foulwind.
We had a wonderful sunrise, followed by a visit up to the historic mine on the Dennistoun Plateau. 

I have added an image of a coal wagon from the Dennistoun mine in Extras. I was amazed to discover that 1400 people used to live up there, with the only access by the Dennistoun incline that fell a total of 516 metres, top to bottom. It's very very steep. Some of the women who travelled in a railway wagon, to their new homes in the villages at the top of the incline, were so traumatised and terrified by that journey, that they refused to ever go down again.

And we had another fantastic sunset! this time from the Breakwater at the Westport harbour entrance. There's an image of that in Extras too.

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