Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

Ferry cross the Mersey.....

Except I drove there via the tunnel....

So today has been the first Monday this year (Gallery is closed on a Monday) that I've had no appointments at all for anything.  No barber clients, no meetings at Thirsk,  (I'm now also a school governor) so I decided to have a day trip to my favourite place  - Edinburgh! 

As I approached the motorway I quickly changed my mind turned to the South instead of North.  This then started a little debate.... Don't you just love debates with yourself! Liverpool it was....

I was last at Liverpool about 20 years ago and don't really remember much (well I do actually remember the battery going flat on my car as I left the lights on! It was a Rover Metro) Got it started by bumping it down the ramp in the multi-storey carpark.  Gosh, the things we remember  (lol)

First port of call was the Albert Dock and whilst I was there I had myself a pub lunch.  From there I then visited the Walker Art Gallery....  If anything it was worth going to Liverpool alone for that!  What an amazing place.  Over two floors and like a Tardis. 

I popped to a camera shop and purchased a battery for my bridge camera to replace one that I lost.  Yep!!  LOST!  How on earth do you loose a battery???  I have no idea either..... 

Back to the car as I knew I wanted to cross the river to take a skyline night shot of Liverpool.

The tunnel was once the longest road tunnel in the world, now it's the UK's longest.  So a bargain at £1.80 toll.  

Late night back, but a thoroughly good day was had by Boo :)

Hope you're all well....   "Carry on Blipping!" :)

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