By Dakers

The Wet Weather Rabbit,

Pat returned from Prague yesterday. She had been advising on a residential project and chose to go by plane. Very sensible after our train journey at Christmas.

Seven year old Tommy is the nephew of the client and was thrilled with the A3 print I gave him of my Blipfoto of the Bell Rock Lighthouse on the 23rd March. He had just completed a Lego Lighthouse model.

When he heard that his grandfather had been to the Signal Tower Museum in Arbroath and that Pat and I had been out to the Rock on two occasions a trip to Scotland is now top of his bucket list.

Before Pat left to come home he gave her this Wet Weather Rabbit which has a very high level of "cute".

We are so taken with this and I photographed him on the breakfast table. He is just 7 centimetres high. I like the sun shining between his ears.

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