Souter lighthouse

Football business was on the agenda today and a trip North had to be made. The business involved a collection and was soon concluded satisfactorily. Exciting times. We then headed down to the coast and stopped at Souter Lighthouse thankful that it was not foggy and there were no school parties  testing the foghorns. The noise is deafening. We walked along the coastal path and stopped to blip Marsden Rock. This was a familiar sight in our student days when Marsden Grotto at the foot of the cliffs was a popular drinking venue. The rock is much smaller these days after a huge chunk was washed off in the mid 90s. We sauntered along the path in a northerly direction and were very impressed with the promenade. Hubby had on his football coat and a charming gentleman on a mobility scooter stopped to talk about - you guessed it - football. He recounted some very funny stories and made me laugh.

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