Compton Verney Bridge (widwed270319)

I've had a day of errands in the sunshine today - Gill's birthday tomorrow and her last properly scheduled day at work so a double celebration for her.

I went to Compton Verney on my tour of the county hoping there would be a few colourful flowers to fit the theme of this week's Wide Wednesday.  There were several groups of daffodils and I chose this composition with the Capability Brown bridge in the mid-ground.  Beyond the bridge is Old Town Meadow, so called as it was the site of an abandoned medieval village Compton Murdak, which predates the estate as we see it now.  There is a new art installation in the meadow entitled Green Living meant to evoke the sight of the village.  It looks almost finished but there is still some barrier tape which I did what I could to exclude from the image in the extra.  Hopefully, when the tape is gone, I'll be able to get a better view and include some of the other elements too.  Green Living is by Krijn de Koning.

Thanks to Bobs Blips for hosting wide Wednesday.

Rhetorical Question, does this count as irony? 
Parliament is going to debate the petition “Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.”.  The debate is scheduled for 1 April 2019.

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