By vanblair

Stephanus Maria Tomelltini

In St Johns Cathedral in Valetta, the floor is covered in gravestones for the erstwhile Knights of St John, saviours of the island from the invading Turks.
They are all made of intricately inlaid marble.
This one is unusual in that it's fixed to the wall in the corner of the entrance to the Oratory.
Guess our Stephanus might have been important when he died on 7th September 1699!
Anyway, as forecast today it has rained all day, so we've been to the armoury, the cathedral and the (world heritage site) Hypogeum in Paola.
Attempting to take photos in the Hypogeum would have landed us a €100 fine and immediate expulsion, so you get a grainy gravestone instead.
The Hypogeum tickets were sold out till the middle of May, but if you go to the Archeology Museum early in the day, they keep 10 tickets for tomorrow tours at 1200 & 1600, at an uplift of €5.
It was worth every cent.

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