Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Rydal Cave

I packed up early and got on the road about 8.30. My intention was to drive to Rydal first and then head for home. I'd hoped for a brighter day because the theme for Wideangle Wednesday (hosted by BobsBlips) is 'Colourful'.

The last time I went to Rydal Cave I took a bracketed photo similar to this and then used HDR software to render it. I won't say the name of the software but the chromatic aberrations it produced were extremely colourful, it gave the other folk at LPH that evening a headache. Anyway, that's my 'colourful' link to Rydal Cave. Today's image is rendered in Lightroom which produces much truer images. So, it's a landscape on a dull day but the colour of the moss on the rocks and the foliage on the larches do provide some colour. I've added an extra of the boathouse.

I arrived home about 4.30. It's been a good trip!

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