By JaredPlanz

The Bradford Pear.

This may be one of the most hated trees where I live by many naturalists and environmentalists. The Bradford pear is a invasive species brought over by the Department of Agriculture from China to Maryland. It was supposed to be sterile, while it is true that it cannot breed with itself, it will find other pear trees to pollinate with.

I would consider myself a naturalist, but can I bring myself to hate this tree as well? Its white flowers always mark the beginning of spring, as this tree is one of the first to bloom.

This may be an invasive tree but it still is a living plant that holds onto the soil and uses photosynthesis. It still will create oxygen. At least it is not just another parking lot. It may not be the best of trees; I would not recommend anyone to plant one. But can I still have room in my heart for a tree that goes against some of what I believe in. I think so, with everything happening in this world I do not believe that I have it in me to declare this tree my enemy.

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