Sieze the day

By Mario


Josh is a new member of our Run Timaru Family. Tonight Josh and the rest did some 500m Stride outs still working on their speed but also concentrating on their Technique. Josh asked me about running a half marathon, I said he could do it but would need to train to get  a lot more time on his feet as the one he would like to do is only 2 months away and it takes six months to train properly for a distance race like a 1/2 or Full Marathon. I explained about what would be required including long runs of up to 2 hours and the effects it has on the body. I also said that the training required is not allowed to interfere with his school work, he is another high achiever. Josh is going to the same High School Jesse went to, so I told him to look at the Most Memorable Mounties Board ( this is an Prestigious Award given by the Recipients Peers ) to see Jesse's name up there. A really nice well mannered boy.

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