Ladybird Apple

While pruning the rest of my Crabapple tree this morning I found it still had an apple clinging to it!  It's a bit pimply but the few spots and the colour of it reminded me so much of a Ladybird that I thought it worth a blip:)  This is straight out of the camera  -  no post-processing, and the way it has taken on the colour of a Ladybird is amazing.  I have often wondered how Crabapple got its name  -  this link gives several ideas as to how it came about.  -  take your pick!  We used to have a school bus Conductress called Miss Crab  -  she was very strict with us rowdy school kids  -  therefore, we called her 'Crabbit by name, and crabbit by nature'!  Of course, when she heard us chanting that she became even more crabbit☺

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