By Bradders


Big looong day. I spent most of the flight asleep across 3 empty seats at the back, one of those times when you can't quite figure out how that position actually WAS comfortable enough to sleep.

Woke up to the sunrise through the window, then the wave of humidity hit as we walked out in cairns. So clammy.

There were no busses so I quickly located a similarly obvious backpacker and we shared an Uber into town.

My hostel was mad monkey, which looked NOTHING like the photos, it was so scratty. I set about finding another hostel, walking around most of the centrally city. Turns out they aren't as welcoming here, turning me away because they have 6 day maximums or telling me they have no storage during my time away. Generally when I said that I had a job working away for a week at a time they showed that they didn't like it, whereas in Perth it would be celebrated because that's what every backpacker hopes for.

I moved to the YHA for ease of life, it's central and clean and quiet, but is lacking a social area and atmosphere. Thinking of moving again after my first swing.

Cairns itself, it's like a 70s motel town, attacked by a Junanji style rainforest and on-road car parks. Reminds me of Hong Kong, Sydney, the Eden project and tourist towns in America. Other places I've been I knew immediately if I liked them or not, cairns is an unknown, it's going to take a couple of weeks to find out.

Ever since getting on the plane my nose has been leaning like a loose tap, slightly anxious that this will develop in perfect time for my job starting.

I went shopping for work clothes today, excited to start, and excited to see more of this town.

I think a car might be necessary to have the full experience, seeing the real cairns and surroundings, but also, it would be expensive for just three months... Unless I drove it back to Perth.

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