By Shygirl73

The Past

Today was the 70th Anniversary of my Primary School.
1949-2019. I went there in 1950.

On the whole teachers were OK but a few were quite strict.
when I retired I was a Volunteer classroom assistant.Much better than getting smacked.
Some old photos on display and lovely eats and a cuppa.

we spent a few hours with the children answering their questions on what school was like in the "Olden days" 
They don't get hit these days.;) 
The Head rang the hand bell to get our attention.Even that's not used now but an electric one instead.
One 96 year old teacher was there.She had been my lads teacher.
The photo with me on is with a "boy" who was in my class at Seniors.
Haven't seen him in 65 years.
We both had red hair then but only one still has ;);)

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