By YoungerDaughter


A quiet day today waiting in for a delivery - a bath panel. Ages ago we had a leak down the side of the bath and down through the kitchen ceiling. At the time we had to break the bath panel (it was already cracked a little) to remove it so we could get to the leak and fix it. It has taken us until now to get around to buying a new panel (a much nicer plain white wooden panel) but at the time of choosing it we had the boys with us and couldn't fit the new bath panel in the car as well (it would have been a squeeze anyway) so had it delivered today.
So what better way to spend a day at home than by baking with Henry. We made butterfly cakes :-) Today's photo is a little blurry (either Henry moved or I did) but he's smiling in it.
On to Beavers this evening for Theo - they made sherbet and cress heads!

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