A Daily Dose

By suejay50


Had a lovely walk today - taking a sick friend's dog out for her. 
Weather superb so we had a couple of hours strolling on beaches then having coffee and water in Ella's case before taking her home. She is such a delightful, gentle dog and so obedient, walks nicely and never pulls (unlike Max bless him).  
Not having many flowers in my garden I called into a local florist who is so busy due to Mothering Sunday coming up but they found me these thistles that were surplus to stock. Almost everything else they had was already ear marked for bouquets.  
I am off to Chislehurst again - into a black hole, no TV and no internet so lots of chat - and wine/G&T - with my South Africa friend!  We do pick up messages when we get out of course, but blip posting will be erratic and following friends blips will be even harder.
Please excuse me for the next five or so days.

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