Today was supposed to be Brexit Day, a sad day for us remainers, though to be celebrated I guess by those who voted leave.  As it was, it wasn't. Again the government and opposition are playing party politics instead of working together for the benefit of the population, leavers and remainers.   

I can understand how some people are suffering from Brexit Anxiety.  Personally I think the whole referendum thing was a big mistake, maybe one day this will be accepted and the whole thing will be quietly forgotten.

Anyway onto lighter topics, today is Flower Friday hosted by BikerBear so here's some hellebores that are brightening up our garden.

In other news: there is news on my laptop, apparently there was a deep system error caused by the AVG antivirus function, PC-Cleanup.  In delving into the innards they also discovered viruses within the system, despite having two antivirus programs on the laptop, they are deep-cleaning the machine, hopefully it will feel a bit better on Monday afternoon.  

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