By Janashields

Long Tailed Tit

Work this morning-not sure how long I'll be needed to sort post inspection stuff so making the most of the extra hours while I can-the money is always good but the weather was so beautiful I was regretting saying yes.  I did have the office to myself though (apart from an enormous chocolate cake which I managed to resist!) so I had the window open all day and was serenaded by a Chiff Chaff from the hospital car park. Home to get a bit done in the garden.  The Long Tailed Tits came to  investigate the newly emerged leaves on my Crab Apple.  Now waiting to pick up Cait and Matt from the station-late trains for both.  Hope I don't miss too much of the Hedgehog show-2 came to visit at 8.30 last night-very different in size and then I had another visit which may have been a 3rd as the face colouring was different.

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