simple moments

By simplemoments

rising up...

...out of tragedy

this little orchid flower just refuses - to drop off the branch - it's the last one standing - and i last posted it on 2/23 - as a testament to its tenacity - after the flooding in my house - surviving the direct hit - yet being covered with insulation debris - me believing it wouldn't live through it - but the plant itself proving me wrong

so here i am - more than a month later - posting it again because - against all odds as well as my own - inability to keep orchids alive - it's not only still alive - it has new growth on it - this flower simply refuses to fall - my brother had told me how to cut - the plant back after it had done so - therefore i've waited and waited - but the other day i noticed - yup, new growth growing around it - the waiting is over

in all my years - i have never had success with keeping - orchids alive and healthy - i always thought there was some magic trick involved - for me i had to suffer a tragedy - to experience the joy of hopefulness - this plant is giving to me - what a blessing has come - from such an unlikely situation - and now has led to...


happy day.....

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