Off to Jane’s house this morning to try and get on with some more stained glass.
I took her half a dozen eggs as we have plenty, some honey for her neighbour, and a piece of almond cake.
And Pepper.
I wanted to add some hanging rings to my last piece of stained glass and that took a while as neither of us had done it before.
Then it was time to take the Dachshunds for a walk, Alice and Angus. They are characters! Very feisty and they had a tiff with Pepper before we set off. Then Alice managed to slip away from Jane and disappeared down the cliff to look for rabbits. As Jane has a bad back, I plunged down after her and fortunately her lead caught around a rock or we would still be there!
We managed to return them safely to their owner, who gave us cupcakes as a reward!
After that a quiet bit of TV was in order and we finished watching ‘The Bletchley Circle ‘ on Netflix an excellent series well worth watching.

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