By andrewmowat

Edge of the World

Decided to go for a little jaunt, as the roads are quieter on a Friday. I headed East to the outskirts of Riyadh and joined the Southern Ring Road. Nothing of interest to see just industrial units as any other city.

I then headed south towards Tamim and cut off west to a wadi just south of Uraidh. This eventually joined 505 highway towards Dhurma.

West of Riyadh on the way to Sadous lies the magnificent sight of the ‘Edge of the world’. Here the 200m high cliffs of Tuwaiq Escarpment drop away giving splendid views over the plain below. This blip was taken from the lower plateau.

I then took the direct route back up the 7% (if my Arabic is correct) incline back home. A distance of around 250km.

It you click the map you will have to zoom out to get any features

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