Wren - 23

When I turned on my camera today there was no sign of life. I swapped batteries but it was still dead. Eventually it turned itself on but all my settings had been lost which is incredibly frustrating. The camera has been well used over the last 3 years and is looking a bit battered and I had been slightly concerned over recent weeks. 

With a big holiday coming up later in the year I had been thinking about replacing it during the summer but I may have to bring this forward now depending on how it behaves. Coincidentally I had been in the camera shop yesterday and have a good idea what I want and it will be just an upgrade on my current Sony mirrorless as I love the small size and it does take great pictures.

Considering all my settings had been lost the photo of a wren came out well.

I commented on my Wednesday blip that Chester's goal at Darlington was either a stroke of genius or a lucky shambles. Having seen the replay it looks absolutely brilliant but I was stood in the corner and had a great view and I still cant believe it was deliberate. You can judge for yourself here but it appears to have gone viral all over the world

Chester's goal at Darlington

Chester play top of the table Chorley this afternoon and I'm not too hopeful but this team is full of surprises

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