By amandoAlentejo

Lightning Strike

Mourão's castle got hit by lightning during the storm last Sunday. As you can see, the main tower by the entrance has been badly damaged and the area is cordoned off, so no more walking to church round the castle. I'll put a close-up in the extras for those who are interested, and as a record, as the tower will almost certainly have to be knocked down.

The word on the ground (i.e. the Adega) is that it might be a good thing, as it got on to national news, and the government is discussing giving the cash to get it fixed. Unlike Monsaraz across the Lake, our castle has never had investment from central government, and now we might get it. Certainly needed; local government is badly in debt and the castle was crumbling even before the lightning.

- stocking up with fresh fruit and vegetables from Maria in the market
- FaceTiming with a group of people in Sutton Coldfield who really care about us, and show it
- listening to a preview of our son's sermon for tomorrow - about caring, and showing it!

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