By Poppy


Sometimes, when the weather is cold and windy and there is nothing pressing, the best thing to do is to tackle a jigsaw.  

Mike picked this one up from the library in town the other day.  Not only are the pieces amazing shapes, but the there is no picture with it, so you have no idea what you are going to end up with!  Opening the box and finding so few straight edges was a bit of a surprise but it was really enjoyable to do.  

Monkfish for dinner, a lovely, tasty one, bought from Brian the fish man yesterday.  Mike filleted it, I cooked  it.  Like the jigsaw, it was a joint effort!  

Lottie slept well after a play in the garden, but then was full of beans by 9pm!!  It does mean she sleeps well over night!  We never hear a peep from her until about 7am.

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