By chantler63

New Season

I have been in at Waddesdon Manor all day today. My post for the day was at the Main Door where we check house tickets and a few other housekeeping rules. I had a lovely day. There are always two volunteers on this position and it's hard work with a relentless stream of visitors as all tickets for the house are timed to avoid overcrowding. The two of us got on very well and had the odd few minutes where we could chat - one has to have a laugh now and again.
All our visitors were lovely and followed the few rules we have with no problem.
It was quite cold at that position and I had to borrow one of the Waddesdon padded coats to wear keep warm.
The House only opened for the new season a few days ago and it was my first time in. It is so lovely to meet up with other volunteers - like meeting old friends.
I was able to have a brief look at the House itself later in the day after we had closed the doors ; here is an interesting view through the door of the red ante room to the dining room.
Then home to a beautiful roast beef meal to celebrate Mother's Day - the first for me with no mother to celebrate. My children more than made up for this though with their kind words and thoughtful gifts.

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