One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Happy Mother's Day

Not happy for everyone... 
Les nounours* are bitterly disappointed. They had planned an extra special celebration for Nana, for Mother's Day: they were going to take her for a walk on the beach, and run around like lunatics, and trip her by walking 6 inches in front of her wellies (Jessie) and do a bit of swimming (Jojo) and run around some more, and then roll around in stagnant water and shite at the bottom of Nana's field. In other words, special fun for a special day. 

But Nana has jetted over to France and is having the craic with her mates instead... 

Les nounours are less than impressed and planning to go on strike when she comes back. They are wondering where they could possibly find Gilets Jaunes for dogs. 

* the approximate translation of les nounours is: 
Noun. Collective. Colloq. 
Unbelievably daft yet strangely endearing duo of Springer Spaniels to whom Nana belongs 

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