Reikes small life...

By Reike


I haven't been climbing for a while and was astonished at how well it went and how brave I felt. Djeili was being entertained by four kids most of the times who found out that she likes chasing sticks and chewing sticks. I had to stop them after a while, explaing how her poo will be full with little bits of sticks and that it will hurt her when it comes out the other end.

Yesterday I had to give my X-T20 for a cleanup as the sensor is really messed up right now and I didn't manage to do it myself this time. Thinking, how great it is to have a backup camera. Backup camera must have heard me, thinking, whaaaaat? I'm a mere substitute?!? So it died in my hands when I tried to take a picture. Damn! Need to send it in, hoping for resurrection. Hence - mobile phone pic only for today...

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