Red Flash

By RedFlash

Love Brighton

We were woken this morning by the birds singing and m the garden.

The clocks had changed during the night so we’d lost an hour. Mobiles change automatically but not my watch. I thought that we were packing and getting the n really well until I remembered the hour change.

We headed into town for brunch. We found a lovely cafe. We then went to visit the shop of the artist Sam Toft. We both bought a picture. Mine is going into the conservatory.

We then walked to the beach. I sat on the pebbles taking photos. We were eating a bread stick that we’d bought it n the cafe. The baby seagull in the extra was waiting for his share.

I love piers and in particular the derelict West Pier. It was destroyed in 2003 when it was deliberately burnt down. You can see more of the detail in the extras.

Before returning home we went back to the same cafe for tea and cake.

Rather than taking the direct route home we drove along the coast visiting places I’d never seen before.

There were hugs from the children when we got home as it was Mother’s Day. The dogs were pleased to see us too.

It was a lovely weekend.

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