By Leiflife

Seeing is Believing

Magic happened at the Coast Dance Festival on Saturday night. I was there. I saw, even as I danced. This photo was taken as I sat with camera in hand during the afternoon tech rehearsal. It was later that I danced along with other coast dancers in a tribute to Isadora Duncan and all the mothers of Modern Dance that came before us. They gave us reason, and the freedom to express with courage all that we are. This happened on Saturday night and the small enthusiastic audience joined us in celebration of the joy of dancing, the joy of connection, the joy of transcending all division for the sake of union. It happened. And those that came did see and did believe that modern dance is alive and well and worthy of participation.

My friend, Summer Baldwin, is once more at the core. She is the heart of this third year of the festival. She pulls it bravely into reality and pulls us with her. She has ideas and makes them real, such as putting artists and writers in the balcony of the theater to draw and write in response to the dance performance. The results were astonishing and were shown in the lobby after the show. Magic, magic, and more magic! Bravo Summer! Bravo dancers! Bravo lovely people who came to participate in marvelous ways! 

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