Putting his foot down

Right Spot was sleeping on the far end of Sandy Beach when I got there right before 5PM.   Took a few shots then went down to the other end of the beach.   It was beaut!   A lot of interesting backwash and a westerly wind (unusual direction).    Caught up with my friend G who was seal watching on the way back.   S from NOAA came by.  We kept hoping Right Spot would leave but she continued sleeping, so we  finally left around 7:30PM.   Lots of activity continues at the beach at nite, I was glad to leave.
OK, couldn't resist - the Hawaiian monk seal Right Spot in extra with bird!

Just read that Agnes Varda (moviemaker) has died, age 90, last Friday March 29.   What a loss!  Hope to discover more of her earlier films.

(back blipped Mon April 1)

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