By WharfedaleBex

On the third blip

The time will have arrived to go and find my own larch flower.  

I've had my eyes opened to these by intothehills for the last three years, wanted to find one and then promptly forget when I'm out.  Over winter, I walked past the closest larches to me and made a mental note to walk this lesser trodden route at flowering time. 

And promptly forgot this spring!

So, when I spotted ITTH's latest rose, with a big note left on top of my little camera last night, I was happily jolted on my mission this morning.

As I walked up the side of the larch woods, I started getting the feeling I wasn't going to find any.  Am I too late?  Am I too early? Is it the wrong sort of larch?  There were little needle shoots but no flowers to see at all despite my thorough inspection. I had one last glimmer of hope as I looked up to see the last larch before the moors with open, wider branches hitting the light. I could see lots of pine cones but at first, no flowers.

Imagine my smile when...

Thank you, ITTH!

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