St Quay - Portrieux

Been busy, relaxing (one of those rare days I wished I could have slept a couple more hours), having friends for tea, and had another window man in for a quote. Now 19:22 and enjoying a light meal.

Been thinking on and off about memories. I tend to live for the day, not dwell on bad memories, or live on the past. So I struggled a bit. And the bowl in my blip returned constantly to my mind.

In my young teens a friend went on school exchanges to Brittany. And me and my then best friend friend C went with but stayed in a local pension (we were aged about 14/15 - would you let your daughter stay in a B&B without adult supervision nowadays?!). We took the ferry to St Malo and then our friend’s hosts accompanied us all to St Quay-Portrieux, on the North Brittany coast.

The following year I went alone, staying with the same host family, as had befriended their daughter ‘Bibiche’ (actual name Nicole).

We always had the time of our life. Adventures, discovery, food (crepes and more crepes - I’ve never been able to stomach mussels which were a staple there), picnics in the forest or sailing with French kids. Most were Parisians with second or rented homes there.

So yes, great memories and my introduction into life abroad, and making use of my rubbish school French (which improved no end in the 2 weeks).

And since then my breakfast coffee is always milky (oaty milk now) and served in a large bowl. When I travel I have even been known to take it with. Of course in Brittany they all had old rustic bowls, often by ‘Henriot Quimper’ with traditional figures painted on the outside

Mine broke many years ago. The one blipped is a recent bargain purchase from Wilko.

Thanks Diane (Dfb24) for hosting Tiny Tuesday in April. And it’s a ‘Mystery’ why I incorrectly thought today was the 9/4 with theme ‘Memory’. *Today is TT201 Mystery*

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