One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Bloody machine...

It's a give and take world. 
I give my platelets and they give me a big lemon to squeeze into my G&T. I wish... And gone are the days when you could get a restorative pint of Guinness after giving a pint of blood. I kid you not. They had a keg in Pelican House, back in the 90s. 

I am sometimes in two minds about giving blood. Because I know that they sell it. (I should know, I see the hefty bills paid by the Repair Factory). And that bothers me a bit. But I know that someone at the other end needs the platelets. Badly. 

I just asked for a 20% discount on the bag of yellow goodness (platelets look like jellified urine) that they will resell to the Repair Factory tomorrow or Thursday (the jellified urine has a very short shelf life). 

To be fair, they gave me a sandwich. And a can of coke. And a hi-vis vest for my bike ("I am a blood donor, please try not to annihilate me with your motor vehicle, if at all possible. You may need me one day!") 

But no Guinness, nope. Even though it is brewed less than 500 meters from here. These days are long gone.   

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