A Ladybug on the Rosemary

It was an overcast day so we stayed close to home. I have several Rosemary bushes in the front yard; they have delightful little flowers that the bees and ladybugs seem to like. There were several ladybirds on this one bush.... unusual for this time of year.

Little Ellie is getting a couple of new teeth so she isn't feeling perfect; fortunately she isn't fussy, but very cuddly and sleepy. She took a really long nap and when she woke up she laid in bed 15 minutes stretching & pulling her blanket close......I know this because I got a new camera in her room where I can watch her sleep & wake......I was so surprised.  

My husband came home from the beach today; Ellie was so excited to see him......he got many hugs.....from both of us.

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