By deanna_pearce

Cherry Blossom

KG had to have blood test for his cholesterol today - so out before breakfast - while down in Thornbury I took the shields in for engraving ready for next weeks Boules AGM and presentation.  KG had his breakfast when he got home and I rummaged in my stash for something to make   - found just what I wanted and it was in two pieces and I just managed with a bit of fiddling and ignoring the grain to get it out.  I figured as it hadn't cost me a lot it didn't matter if it only lasted a few washes!!!
KG went to table tennis and I sat and read my new sewing magazine before  getting  started..  
Today;'s blip is of the Cherry Blossom  in front garden  rather damp after the heavy  shower that had just passed over  - all of a sudden it seems to be flowering.    Nice morning with a frosty start but a very damp afternoon

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