Newhaven Harbour

On the way to see Karen I showed the amigos the Long Man of Wilmington and a viewpoint looking towards the sea called High and Over. I would have liked to take them to see the iconic view of the coastguard cottages and the Seven Sisters had the weather been nicer.

Karen and I met for lunch in the sailing club. We were hoping to see the dolphins recently sighted at Newhaven. Instead we went to the West Quay to take photos of the waves crashing against the harbour wall and the lighthouse.

The amigos struggled with the English weather so I let them sit in the car for their portrait today. They did have a little walk on the beach afterwards.

On the way home I said a fond farewell to the three amigos. They are off on their travels to visit DavidC. I have had a little pep talk to my pack about stepping up their posing now they are my models again. Their response was to tuck their noses under their tails and go back to sleep. Ah well.

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