By dogwithnobrain

When Will I, Will I Be Famous..

Bloody Bros and their Bloody Grolsch bottle tops. 

Do you remember that?    I was working in Dunfermline.   We sold lots of bottles of Grolsch.  and we always got them back, less the bottle tops.   Even the bloody bar staff were wearing them. 

It was worse than taps on your shoes. 

clunky clinky clunky clinky 

how cool they all were. 

And their ripped jeans (yes, kids, ripped jeans were a thing back then too.   One night I ripped the whole leg off of one of my bar staff.  It was a ridiculous sized hole he wore, and I just caught it and pulled. 

And the whole trouser leg came off. 

An someone had to go and find him a pair of pants. 

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